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OK, I've been banned... Here are the things I said...

I said: I was curiously aroused by something Irish said....

I said: If you are a recon type, you could tuck the Carbon 15 in the crack of your ass, so no one would suspect you are armed

I said: Klick might burn his single wide down if he lit the whole canister of cottonballs and vasaline...

Everything that these little comments are connected to had some serious and helpful information, and might be taken out of context viewed seperately. Aside from that, these are funny little snippets...

I got a note from someone that said I should contact a moderator or something like that if I though this was unjust. I am not computer savy enough to figure out how to do that... If someone out there views this as I do, please forward this note to one of the bosses...

I know I was forgiven for being an ass on my first post, that was ostensibly in the past and I appreciate that.

These little comments were just attempts at humor, the type of humor of rough men....

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  1. 12/10/08

    I'm gonna send a message to one of the admins. I think that this situation is absurd.


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    Reply from Gewehrsmann:

    I just wasn't sure who to send it to. I think NW Frontier is the big dog and he was the one that banned me.

    I would think they would want a spirited debate, with a little teasing. Otherwise everyone will go to sleep and eventually drift off.
  2. 12/02/08

    What excrement. I've pissed off way more folks on the KISSATA board, and "they" haven't gotten around to banning me. I found the meat of your posts thoughtful; and that's all I care about. The way I see it, a message board about survival, tactics, and CIDGs shouldn't be too dogmatic, but needs a turnover of fresh ideas. Otherwise, it becomes such a circle-jerk. I hope you're back soon.



    Reply from Gewehrsmann:

    Yeah, at first I was an ass and admitted it. I w ish I hadn't have done that because you guys really are interesting. Not sure I should have been banned for the secondary stuff, the intent was a little humor.

    Maybe some day I can get back on, I think I can add to the discussion in several ways.

  3. 11/20/08

    Yeah I know what you mean about this forum. I have had a few pissin contests with some of these characters as well. Just another example of people taking themselves way to seriously. I think that the title says it all. Keep it Simple. If you start trying to get complex or down to the meaty part of the issue or use some subtle for of humor, some knuckle dragger shouts you down or thumps his chest. There are some good people here no doubt and ocassionally there is some valuable information but it is only a small school of fish among a large sea. Keep up the fire gentlemen. We all have a lot to learn. Even the moderators on this forum.


    Reply from Gewehrsmann:


    Yeah, I have heard from others along the same lines. It's OK because they are driving the bus...

    Take Care


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    I'm sorry to see you go, brother. Wish it could have turned out differently. Unfortunately you and I are used to the give and take of the squad bay and a room full of knuckle heads. Such is not the case here and never will be. Good thing you were only flinging poo. Hate to see what'll happen when folks start taking rounds and people start dying. Can't ban a gunmen intent on killing your ass.

    They hate me too so you're in good company. That said, while paratroopers fight surrounded, this Spec Ops ninja type (sic) right here will fight in all four dimensions... And come from back in time to win the day... Tee hee.

    I am Charlie Mikin' and will keep on keepin on...

    Watch that six Rifleman.



    Reply from Gewehrsmann:

    You rock dude....

    It's not like back in the day....

    They have actually been nice about kicking my sorry ass out.... :-)