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OK, I've been banned... Here are the things I said...

I said: I was curiously aroused by something Irish said....

I said: If you are a recon type, you could tuck the Carbon 15 in the crack of your ass, so no one would suspect you are armed

I said: Klick might burn his single wide down if he lit the whole canister of cottonballs and vasaline...

Everything that these little comments are connected to had some serious and helpful information, and might be taken out of context viewed seperately. Aside from that, these are funny little snippets...

I got a note from someone that said I should contact a moderator or something like that if I though this was unjust. I am not computer savy enough to figure out how to do that... If someone out there views this as I do, please forward this note to one of the bosses...

I know I was forgiven for being an ass on my first post, that was ostensibly in the past and I appreciate that.

These little comments were just attempts at humor, the type of humor of rough men....

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  1. 12/02/08

    What excrement. I've pissed off way more folks on the KISSATA board, and "they" haven't gotten around to banning me. I found the meat of your posts thoughtful; and that's all I care about. The way I see it, a message board about survival, tactics, and CIDGs shouldn't be too dogmatic, but needs a turnover of fresh ideas. Otherwise, it becomes such a circle-jerk. I hope you're back soon.



    Reply from Gewehrsmann:

    Yeah, at first I was an ass and admitted it. I w ish I hadn't have done that because you guys really are interesting. Not sure I should have been banned for the secondary stuff, the intent was a little humor.

    Maybe some day I can get back on, I think I can add to the discussion in several ways.